“Ron backs up the bold truth and pure gospel he teaches with a life of integrity. These attributes are covered with a grace that helps him see every person that crosses his path as a precious and valuable creation of God.” – Dr. Tim Kimmel (Executive Director of Family Matters, Author of Little House on the FreewayWhy Christian Kids Rebel, and Grace Based Parenting)

“Ron’s personal integrity, optimistic attitude, and leadership were valuable assets to our church staff for the four years he faithfully served at Word of God. His highly effective public communications skills also proved to be a perfect compliment in the pulpit for years–a ministry entrustment that he bore with dignity and exceptional loyalty. Ron’s character and service is commendable!” – Dr. Gary Kinnaman (Senior Pastor, Word of Grace, Mesa, AZ. Author of Experiencing the Power of the Cross, and Learning to Love the One You Marry)

“Ron’s television hosting skills were a great asset as we launched the Charles E. Fuller Television Network (CSN)—surpassed only by his remarkable grace at making disciples in his family, neighborhood and among his work associates.” – Carl George (Church Growth Consultant, Author of The Coming Church RevolutionNine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership, and The Meta-Church Workshop)

“Ron’s revelatory teaching on the true nature of counseling has had a significant impact on my own professional practice—that of a Christian counselor and Founder/President of Clergycare Resource Ministries.” – Al Ells (Author of  One-Way Relationships and Leaders that Last)

“Ron is a man who lives from a profound understanding of brokenness and grace that is refreshingly poured out on all with whom he associates. He is a man who has paid the price of servant-leadership.” – Dr. David Orlowski (Senior Pastor, Abiding Grace Church, Author ofThe Heart of the Matter)

“Your [Ron’s] reputation as an academic heavyweight is further reflected in your flawless writing style.” (Doctor of Organization Professor, University of Phoenix)

“Ron has proven to be an excellent counselor-consultant who combines grace and truth in very understandable and enjoyable terms. He is smarter than any man needs to be; and yet has not allowed that learning to hinder his humility or compassion toward others. I am honored to be counted as a friend since 1990.” – Lee Pace (Founding Pastor, River of Life, One of the largest multi-racial churches in Phoenix, AZ)

“Ron not only has exceptional insight into the purposes of God, but his visionary writing ability is clear and compelling. His personal ministry of encouragement has been especially empowering in my own life and ministry.Ron has an open invitation to travel and minister with me in Latin America!” – Hector Torres (Founder & President, Hispanic International Ministries, Author of Transformed Communities and Thy Kingdom Come)

“Gail and I have been greatly strengthened by Ron and Patty’s friendship and godly example of a Christian marriage and grace based parenting. I have personally found Ron’s insight into the mysteries of the Kingdom of God to be nothing short of remarkable. We are blessed to partner with RWMinistries and highly recommend it to others as worthy of generous support.” – Steven W. Weber (RWMinistries Partner)

“Ron and his team have been an invaluable resource to our church. We have received counsel, teaching resources, consultation, mentoring and crisis intervention. Their ministry has personal integrity, intensity without hype, and an uncommon wisdom.” – Greg Escher (Associate Pastor of Worship, Open Door Petaluma, CA)

“I have known Ron Woodworth since 1984. He is a man of integrity whose love for Jesus has been constant. His knowledge of the Word of God is outstanding and his friendship has been a joy and strength to me. I highly recommend his ministry.” – Mark Buckley (Radio host on KPXQ and author of Reflections, a bi-monthly international newsletter)

“I have been happily married to Ron since July 11, 1981. Ron is a kind and godly husband who has been a faithful provider for our family of four daughters. I can honestly say that Ron’s ministry, of teaching, music, encouragement and counsel has had as profound an affect on my own life as I have seen it have on the lives of others. It is true that Ron is a very intelligent man, but he also is very humorous and consistently cheerful regardless of life’s seasons. Sharing my destiny with Ron has been the joy of my life.” – Patty Woodworth (Dr. Ron Woodworth’s Wife)

“Ron is a true friend. His Christ-like character, enthusiastic vision, and constant encouragement have been a source of authentic biblical fellowship and dialogue since 1995.” – Dr. Andy Jackson (Founder of International Turkey Network, Author of A Heart for Others)

“Ron carries a mature vision of God’s purpose for this generation. He is a clear thinker and articulate communicator. His ministry continues to produce a profound affect where ever it is received. It is a privilege to partner with his at Grace Commission International.” – Dr. Mike Richardson (Executive Director, Grace Commission International)

“Rarely have I encountered a man who so genuinely possesses the calling, skill, and experience of a pastor to pastors.” – Jim Roam (Founding Pastor of Christ’s Life Church, Chandler, AZ)