Strategic Church/Denominational Consulting

Our philosophy…

Strategic Church/Denominational Consulting, from our perspective, is based on three value-premises:

  1. hands1. A fully integrated planning model that maintains a comprehensive perspective while addressing particular or systemic issues. [Historical context vs. immediate concerns]
  2. A flexible and adaptable plan-format that clearly distinguishes between principles and methodologies. [Structural legalism vs. design flexibility]
  3. Empowerment from the Holy Spirit ensuring that what is being built is initiated and sustained by the grace and will of God rather than being undertaken for the transient glory of man. (John 3:20-21; Ps. 90:17) [Business vs. relationship models]

Predicated on these values, RWM seeks to partner with Christian churches and denominations to help them develop a strategic ministry plan (see Ten Steps in the Strategic Planning Process by Ron Woodworth) that enables them to articulate (Hab. 2:2) a qualitative and quantitative representation of their kingdom mission.

In addition to general strategic planning RWM also helps provide specific consulting in the areas of major ministry transitions (resignation, retirement, death, culture changes, etc.), merger considerations, mediation-arbitration (both binding and non-binding), clergy counseling, and the restoration of fallen leaders.