Seminars, Conferences, and Retreats….

Seminars, conferences, and retreat formats are a major emphasis of RWM! Such venues are ideal places of concentrated focus away from all the distractions of our daily lives. Whether for team building (including rest and recreation), systematic teaching (power point option), or practical application skills—regular times away can help keep us from the tendency to confuse or dilute our personal or group values, vision, objectives, or strategies. In addition to being a highly effective public speaker to large or small groups of people, Ron has a significant expertise in guiding a committed group (church, business, or educational) on a strategic learning journey together.


RWM seminars, conferences, and retreats are either sponsored by RWM entirely or co-sponsored with RWM and other organizations that have similar interests and expertise.  Ron is also available to speak at events generated by other organizations (church, business, or educational) who may be interested in the information contained on this website. A good place to begin is to peruse the Signature Series descriptions under the Speaking section or by viewing the Tapes & CD Series product options above.