Transforming Preaching & Teaching (and Music!)…

The large crowd listened to him [Jesus] with delight.

(Mark 12:37)


ssOne of the main strengths of Ron’s ministry is his effectiveness in preaching and teaching (proclaiming and explaining) the Word of God. Ron’s unique blend of biblical scholarship, academic research, disarming humor, and gracious delivery has garnered him a broad appreciation among diverse audiences of all sizes. D.L. Moody once observed that the Bible was not given to simply inform man, but totransform him! Ron is one of those who have indeed been graced by God to minister the Word with a remarkable transformational or life-changing result.



The Ministry of Music…

Next to the Word of God music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he might proclaim the Word of God in music.

(Martin Luther) 

mmRon’s ministry in the Word is significantly complimented by his musical abilities as a songwriter, keyboardist, and vocalist. Ron was an honor student at ASU in vocal performance and combines his training in classical and jazz piano in his ministry of contemporary Christian music and worship. This marvel of music has a way of softening even the hardest of hearts creating an entrance for the Word of God to profoundly touch the affective (emotional or feeling) aspect of one’s being.

Whether as a preaching substitute…seminar or conference speaker…teaching a course for small or large groups…media host or spokesperson…Ron’s ability to communicate God’s Word can be a significant resource in any ministry context.