Ron’s First Book – For Such a Time as This


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How can a Christian make a difference in the world today? In The Destiny Series: Volume I, Dr. Ron Woodworth tackles a myriad of current issues that divide or confuse many sincere believers.

Ron backs up the bold truth and pure gospel he teaches with a life of authenticity and integrity. – Dr. Tim Kimmel Ron’s television hosting skills at the Charles Fuller Seminary Church Satellite Network (CSN) are surpassed only by his remarkable grace at making disciples everwhere he goes. – Carl George Ron is a man of integrity whose love for Jesus has been constant. His knowledge of the Word of God is outstanding and his friendship has been a joy and strength to me. I highly recommend his ministry. – Mark Buckley

Ron’s Second¬†Book –¬†World Religions & Atheism


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Dr. Ron Woodworth continues to accurately inform all readers, provide rational defenses of the Christian faith, strengthen personal faiths and equip Christians with genuine love in The Destiny Series: Volume II, by examining all of the major world religions as well as exploring atheism. Co-written by Stan Reynolds.

This is a solid introductory text that will help thoughtful students understand the major world religions and the currents of secular atheism. It is broad in scope, concise in expression and practical for learning and reference. A fine tool for learning. – Charlie Self, Ph.D. For the introductory student of world religions World Religions & Atheism: A Christian Perspective will serve as a helpful primer to the subjkect that will provide a framework for assessing the truth claims of any religion. It unapologetically presents Christianity as a religion whose truth claims deserve a fair and honest study, especially over against the absolutist secular claims of Atheism. – James D. Hernaldo, Ph.D.