Costa Rica Mission Trip Report


Dear Friends,

I just wanted to give you a brief recap of my recent missions trip to Costa Rica Sept 6-25th with plenty of photos attached here and/or hopefully on my website in the next week or so…Note: All fuzzy photos are the result of sleep deprivation:)

1. My host, and most recent new board member of RWM, Jim McHood (and his wonderful wife Lynn), landed in San Jose (Costa Rica’s capital city) on Sept. 6th not knowing exactly what would await us.

2. The next morning we ministered at a breakfast for 35 pastors. The message was well received in that a number of invitations to minister were extended to us as a result of preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.

3. The next four days and nights we ministered at a conference attended by some 300 participants in which I preached on the theme “Citizens of a Heavenly Kingdom” Special Note: There is also an attached photo of a young man who was healed of blindness in his left eye at the altar that evening. PTL!

4. The next 5 days we did double sessions (lasting 4 hours each) at Rhema Bible College where I ministered on the Restoration of the Family and Jim ministered on Hearing the Voice of the Lord. The Lord granted hearing to two people who were deaf in one ear–one of which who was completely beside herself with joy–even interrupting my Sunday service to share the miracle she had experienced!

5. We then took two days off tosight see where we spent one complete day at one of the top 10 mineral springs in the world at Tabacon. The next day we took a tram up a mountain (near an active volcano, Arenal, that literally exploded–lava flowing and all–while we were there). We then zipped down the mountain on “zip lines”–some of which were over 2,000 feet long at over 40 miles per hour. (See photos)


6. The next couple of days we were ministering at a local high school of some 850 students. Since it was a public school and I was introduced as a professor, I shared on the theme “How to help your teenagers succeed in life.” The message so well received that the principle asked me to return an hour earlier the next day to address the teaching staff of some 20+ teachers. (See photo and outlines)



7. Early the next morning I got the honor of speaking on the Family Christian Network which aired the program in 52 Spanish speaking countries of the world! (I hope to secure the video tape and post in on our website soon) (See photo)

8. We preached at two different churches on the next two Sunday mornings and ministered healing and prophetic encouragement at both. We also met several times with pastors to talk about city-wide unity.

9. I was also able to assit Jim with some “marketplace ministry” consulting and addressed his staff, Formalized Design Inc. in Costa Rica the day before we flew home.

10. We got home and collapsed with joy–and then got word that a ministry trip for Patty and I was confirmed on Maui, Hawaii–where we will be Nov. 1-15th…I know, it’s a rough assignment, but somebody’s got to do it:) Sounds like more photos are coming soon!!


Thank you for your friendship and prayer over the years,

Love in Christ, Ron & Patty