Homosexuality and Christianity

August 27, 2005                          Printable Version

“Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. He only spoke of love and toleration”- Oh really?!

  • The Prime Minister of Canada’s promise to legalize gay marriages…
  • The United States Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the anti-sodomy laws of Texas…
  • Hollywood’s obsession with portraying homosexuality as humorously legitimate (Queer Eye, Will & Grace, etc)…
  • And now the Episcopalian Church’s vote to install a practicing homosexual as a Bishop…

What’s a Christian to think?

I am sure that millions of us were shocked to hear a television interview where two Bishops of the Episcopalian Church definitively insisted that ordaining a “practicing homosexual” was scripturally permissible because after all “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality.” To this comment the frustrated conservative news anchorman could only reply that he would have to call up a fundamental preacher who could better debate the issue.

Just last night I again heard the exact same quote from a comedian-turned-quasi-social commentator who glibly observed that, “These religious people who believe in the ‘Bible’ [which he clearly thought of as a highly fallible document] would be more tolerable of homosexuality if they realized that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality.” The argument is clear: The silence of Jesus on the matter must be sufficient to quench any protest against homosexuality.

By this line of reasoning, one would also have to acknowledge the permissibility of pedophilia, sadomasochism, heroine addiction, nudist colonies and terrorism because after all Jesus never said anything about these things either! My rejoinder is clear: An argument from silence is never philosophically or legally sufficient.

The fact is, Jesus was a Jew who lived in a culture under the jurisdiction of the Law of Moses. Such a Law mandated the immediate execution of all “practicing homosexuals.” “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood be on their own heads” (Leviticus 13:13). As a result, Jesus didn’t need to say anything about homosexuality because it had already been said! Indeed, Jesus’ silence could more readily be interpreted an endorsement of the Law of Moses rather than an acceptance of a legally/socially “detestable” practice.

I am not herewith advocating capital punishment for practicing homosexuals, but those who insist that Jesus and the Bible don’t have anything to say about homosexuality need to be a lot more informed (and perhaps more honest and humble) before making such completely preposterous statements! Furthermore, many of us who reverence the Bible as the Word of God and seek to faithfully live under the loving Lordship of Jesus Christ need to begin to find our voice in order to be “salt and light” to a depraved and dying world.


For much more about homosexuality see Ron’s latest series called 
Homosexuality and Christianity: Toward a Compassionate and Truthful Response.
In this series Ron calls for a compassionate and yet truthful response (vs. reaction) to the historic and recent controversy regarding homosexuality.

Ron delineates the four (4) general reactions/responses to the homosexual issue including…

  • The militant homosexual
  • The honest inquirer
  • The socially confused
  • The religiously divided


Of interest, Ron touches on a number of sub-topics, including, the political agenda of the militant homosexual; the statistical data on American homosexuality; the four causes of adult homosexuality; the American Psychiatric Association’s assessment of homosexuality; the first amendment arguments pro and con; the most specific biblical texts regarding homosexuality; the Vatican Catechism on Chastity and Homosexuality; the 8 essential responses of the informed believer and much, much more…

Armed a thoroughly biblical worldview Ron, assesses the current state of the issue from all sides of the cultural spectrum. He then addresses the legitimate concerns of the honest inquirer with a response that is as winsome as it is accurate. This is no fundamentalist diatribe–but neither is it an anemic sentimentality. Rather, we are given a clear and compelling presentation into the mind and heart of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose redemptive call to repentance can transform a fallen life from captivity to a liberty never imagined. Here is truth… here is freedom… here is grace… come drink!

Read the Considerations Regarding Proposals to give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons. This is an excellent article from the Vatican about legal recognition of same sex unions and how Catholic-Christian legislators should respond.

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