Last Will and Testament


Ronald Wayne Woodworth

As a Christian, one of the primary purposes of a last will and testament is to give a final word of witness or testimony as to the faithfulness of God in one’s life.  Such a testimony should be made as a solemn declaration, as if under oath, for the purpose of establishing a fact or expressing a deeply held personal conviction.  In other words, a last will and testament is a final bearing witness to the truth one has discovered and proven in life.  Such sacred truth can then become the foundation upon which one’s descendants will hopefully build into their lives with confidence.  This then is my final wish, my last breath of desire for all my descendents to know with certainty–so help me God.


I was born February 13, 1953 to Vern and Gloria Woodworth at Tripler Army Hospital base in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I was the third son and the fifth in a family of six children.  My mom was a secretary for the Federal Government and my dad was a Marine Corps First Sergeant.  We were probably a middle-class family of the times with hard working parents.


In the summer of 1972 I attended a youth conference in Dallas, Texas that was to change my life forever. At this conference I heard the story of God’s love for me in Jesus Christ–and that I could have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus if I sincerely dedicated my life to him in childlike faith.  I decided to pray a prayer of repentance and faith found in The Four Spiritual Laws tract by Campus Crusade for Christ.  To my astonishment, I felt a weight literally lift off my back and go through the roof of the car I was in!  In retrospect, I now understand that the weight of sin (my separation from God) had been lifted off my shoulders and I was relieved of the terrible burden I was carrying—a burden to have to make something significant of my life.


For the first time in my life, I experienced a profound sense of personal freedom that I had never known existed. I was free from loneliness (Christ was now with me and promised he would never leave me), free from the bondage of self-centeredness (the kingdom of God was now the central quest and reality of my life), and free from hopelessness (I now had a joyful optimism about my future)!  The Word of God is so true: “If the Son (of God—Jesus) sets you free you will be free indeed.”  (John 8:36)


Ever since that day, Jesus (and his unfolding kingdom purpose) has been such a comforting presence in my life that I have to hold back tears to speak of it even now.  One of His greatest gifts to me has been my continually inspiring wife, Patricia Ann, who is the perfect embodiment of her name: gracious nobility.  Again, the Word of God is true: “He who finds a wife finds what is good and obtains the favor of the God.”  (Proverbs 18:22)  My next most precious treasures in the world are all of our children, Stephanie Ann (crowned with grace), Allison Nicole (truthful overcomer), Elizabeth Ashley (consecrated strength), Vanessa Kristen (anointed butterfly), our precious granddaughter, Genevieve Danielle (courteous spirit who trusts in God), and devoted son-in-law, Garrigus Charles (strong protector).


The prayer of my heart is for all of my beloved children, sons-in-law, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all future descendents (for whom I have prayed) to also experience the gracious gift of life that I found in Jesus Christ.  I charge you in the presence of God to seek the Lord with all of your heart and make his kingdom your first priority of life.  As you do, I promise you, in the name of the Lord Jesus, that He will favor you with uncommon blessings in this life and also in the one to come.  I confidently trust that by His amazing grace, we will all be joyfully reunited together…forever.


Love always,

Your earthly father,



Our Journey’s Goal

(By Dr. Ron Woodworth)

I met the Lord at Calvary, suspended on a cross,

T’was then I saw his agony, for love he suffered loss.

I turned and he did walk with me,

We walked and walked and walked.

Through all the laughter, toil, and pain,

We always seemed free to talk.

‘Til then one day in contemplation,

I turned and asked the Lord…

“For all this time you’ve spent with me,

What is this journey’s goal?”

Just then his eyes caught hold of mine,

And tears he scarce could hold…

“I’ve walked these years to bring you here,”

Was the story that he told.

And then with solemn majesty,

The Lord took off his crown;

And placed it on my head,

As he did slowly turn me ‘round.

And there I saw my journey’s end,

Oh blessed wondrous sight;

A lonely cross upon a hill,

To the world it was my plight.

But as I walked closer still,

My hand the Lord did hold;

The cross seemed precious to me indeed,

More precious than much fine gold.

For there I saw a place for me,

Though glory I had sought;

But his reproach in life to bear,

Was the reason I was bought.