The Kingdom of God …

Jesus’ main message was the Gospel (or Good News) about the Kingdom of God (Matt. 4:23). Today we hear a lot about the Gospel but not much about the Kingdom. One of the reasons for this lack of mention is the debate over the millennium—the thousand year reign of Christ on earth (Rev. 20: 4). Since a number of theologians see the fullness of God’s kingdom rule during this prophetic kingdom era they are reluctant to speak of a rule of God’s kingdom in any present form. However, the biblical description for God’s kingdom actually embraces both a present and future dimension. In fact, a survey of the Old and New Testaments reveals that the kingdom of God can be viewed in four ways:

  1. Providential sovereignty—God’s kingdom is eternal and not limited by time and space (Ps. 103:19)
  2. Prophetic nationalism—The nation of Israel was an example of God’s rule on earth (1 Chron. 28:5)
  3. Present spiritual reality—Jesus kingdom lives and reigns in our hearts today (Rom. 14:17)
  4. Future visible manifestation—Jesus will come again and establish his kingdom rule on earth (Rev. 11:15)

RWM seeks to present the Gospel of the Kingdom in such a way that people understand both the gracious and free gift of redemption in Christ, while at the same time being challenged to embrace the costly act of submission to his lordship and call to discipleship (Eph. 2:8-9; Luke14:25-27; Rom. 6:15-18).

Let the Lord be magnified!