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August 27, 2005                          Printable Version


What do you think about the Intelligent Design vs. Evolution controversy?

Ron’s Answer:

I agree with President Bush that Intelligent Design (I.D.) should be taught as an alternative theory to evolution in the public schools. I.D. rightly critiques evolution in a number of scientifically valid ways including the lack of definitive fossil linkage (Williams), the “Cambrian conundrum” where complex life forms appear without any predecessors [Gould’s “punctuated equilibria” contradicts itself], the mathematical improbability of evolution (Cramer), the lack of time necessary for evolution to account for such universal sophistication (Sir Francis Crick), and the argument of “irreducible complexity” (Behe), to name a few. Evolution should NOT get a free pass from being critiqued. And, in my view, I.D., now publicly endorsed by over 400 reputable scientists (Discovery Institute), offers some very credible scientific evidence as to why evolution is not an adequate explanation of the universe as we know it.

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